51 days ago

New FREE day for you to attend GOLDEN SHEARS !

Masterton & Martinborough i-SITE Visitor Centres

Not long now till Golden Shears, the world's premier shearing & wool handling . The 60th championship is going to be an action-packed 4 days in March as the best sheep shearers, wool pressers & wool handlers put it all on the line ! NEW this year is an extra day of competition and that day (4th March) is FREE - come and see the action, there's no entrance charge! We love his new day (thanks Trust House!)
.Find out more all about Golden Shears Wed 4th, Thurs 5th, Fri 6th & Sat 7th March here

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1 day ago

Heat transfer system repair

Rajasekar from Masterton District

It is getting cold some nights. I am looking for someone who can fix my heat transfer system which is not transferring the heat to other rooms as expected.

20 hours ago

Prices at supermarket

Simon from Masterton District

Wife went shopping in Pak n Save today and said that the twin pack of Griffins biscuits was nearly $5.00 a packet. Prior to this they were no about 2.99 a packet. Also the bread that they make they were selling 2 for $3.00. now $1.89 a loaf. Also she was told the reason why there is no flour on the shelf is because the mill has run out of 1.5 and 3kg bags to pack in.
Pams was started by dispensing product into bags.
Should be able to buy it like Binn Inn sells it.

8 days ago

Pet Food

Sharron from Masterton District

If your worried about where to find pet food at this time I have 2 sites that I use. pet.co.nz & petdeli.co.nz. Get a hold of me your unsure how to go about it. I use both of them for my 4 dogs.
UPDATE: petdeli.co.nz has closed. But we now have petdirect.co.nz & woofles.co.nz.
Animates are open just on a Wednesday 10-5pm If you have some pet food receipts please let us know.