75 days ago

Re: Breaching basic Kiwi rights?

Deborah from Masterton District

Does anyone else have concerns about $100 vouchers being offered to 'get the jab' especially when in the current economic climate, $100 will fill hungry tummies, even if just for a few days?

On a day to day basis ALL Health Care Professionals practice according to the Health and Disability Commissioner (Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights) Regulations 1996.

Right 2
Every consumer has the right to be free from discrimination, coercion, harassment, and sexual, financial or other exploitation.

Whether you are double vaxxed or not, surely there needs to be a conversation about the future of health care ethics in NZ when practitioners and organisations can pick and chose what rights they think should be upheld when financial reward is being proffered.

There has to be a better way to protect our healthcare workers and ourselves from loss of basic Kiwi rights.

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14 hours ago

New to the Wairarapa

Maid in Masterton from Masterton District

Hello to the whole of the beautiful Wairarapa, This message is a new one for us as we have launched a brand new Cleaning and Declutter service throughout the Wai. Exceptional friendly service as a family business We are very excited to meet you and turn your House into a home giving you a clean Break. Message us today if you are looking for that point of difference beautiful clean Home.


3 days ago

Memory cards

Dal from Carterton District

Good morning team is anyone selling any micro SD cards please??

3 days ago

Pet of the Day: Meet Miley Belle and Molly.

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Robert Mackenzie from Upper Hutt is the proud owner of Miley Belle and Molly.
"Here are two of our retired cats, Miley Belle on the lefty and Molly on the right.
Their motto is Monday to Friday we do nothing and Saturday and Sunday we rest."
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