48 days ago

Help wanted for story

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Senior reporter Ethan Te Ora is looking for people living in a garage or shed for a story for Stuff.
Please contact him on ethan.teora@stuff.co.nz | 027 205 1452

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1 hour ago

Get involved in planning the future of your city

Jon from Hutt City Council

How we protect native bush, wetlands and other indigenous habitats is part of the review of the district plan – the city’s rule book on land use and development.

For more information and to have your say, go to the link below.

You can also call in to one of our public open days. Tomorrow, we’ll be at Belmont at the Hardwick Smith Lounge at 6-8pm. On Thursday, we’ll be at the Wainuiomata Community Hub between 5pm and 7pm.

4 days ago

What's On: Voglemorn Pop-Up Hub for Seniors

Lorna from Petone

Join us for a cup of tea, light lunch and make new friends. Free social gathering for seniors. No need to register. Transport may be available if needed, call 044996645.
Voglemorn Pop-Up Hub for Seniors
  • Voglemorn Hall
2 hours ago

Watering restrictions have now been eased for Metropolitan Wellington and South Wairarapa

The Team from Wellington Water

We can now use sprinklers and irrigations systems to water our gardens! 🌼🌻
This is because watering restrictions have now been eased for Metropolitan Wellington and South Wairarapa 👏

“Community action in limiting water use, paired with the hot summer peak use period coming to an end, means we are confident about removing watering restrictions across the region” says Laurence Edwards, Chief Advisor Drinking Water.

Please continue to be mindful of water use as the rivers, lakes and aquifers recover. 💧

Please remember that alternate day, odds-evens watering still applies in Upper Hutt, and South Wairarapa as it does all year round.