33 days ago

Do you need new doors or windows? The answer is NO!

Monica from No. 8 Building Recyclers

We can save your doors and windows!

If you have a door or window that needs any kind of repair, we can do it. You don't need to buy new, (almost) all doors and windows can be fixed. You can find more details on the services we offer on our page no8recyclers.co.nz...

Now, if you don't want to repair your door because you want a different colour, style, size or material, then come visit us to check out our collection of restored doors or follow the link: no8recyclers.co.nz...

Most of our doors are online, but we still have a fair amount being processed, so if you don't find what you're looking for, contact us!


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1 day ago

What's your experience with pre-fabricated homes?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is looking into the rise of transportable/ kit-set/ pre fabricated homes. The upsides are build-efficiency, quality of design, and cost. The downsides appear to be land supply, red-tape with council and difficulty getting lending from banks. If you're willing to share your experience - good or bad - email kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz, otherwise leave a comment. Is there an aspect of transportable housing you'd like us to enquire about for you?

22 hours ago

What's On: I AM LOVE Italy 2009

David from Brooklyn

As wife in a wealthy Milanese family, Tilda Swinton is at the centre of Luca Guadagnino's lush drama. “An exquisite, all-enveloping feast of sensual pleasures.” –The Times. Trailer at https://filmsocietywellington.net.nz/
I AM LOVE Italy 2009
  • Embassy Grand
5 hours ago

A reminder about face masks on Metlink services

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Metlink is reminding everyone that At Alert Level 1, face coverings remain mandatory on all Metlink services
"Everyone should put a face covering on before boarding our services, unless you are under 12 years old, or have a health reason for not wearing one. A friendly reminder, our staff may not be wearing a face covering due to safety or medical reasons, please be respectful."