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Warm welcome to Competenz!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We're very excited to announce Competenz as our new Neighbourly partner. Competenz is an Industry Training Organisation and helps people develop their skills on the job.

We truly believe in the work they do to help people gain apprenticeships, build their skills and work alongside New Zealand businesses.

Please join us in welcoming Competenz and stay tuned for job listings and other exciting content!
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Annual Hunters Element Avalanche Sale

Manager from Southern Adventure

Save $$$ with our Annual Hunters Element Sale with at least 20% Off All Hunters Element Gear !! Sale from Monday 17th May till Sunday 13th June .

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Free to a GREAT home

Sherrianna from Central-West Invercargill

I am relocating and need to re home my cat. Her name is Bea (said like bee), and she is 7 this July. She is healthy, and never been to the vet because of this. She is friendly once she warms up to you, but doesn't like strangers, ie when friends come round she will run away and/or hide. She is also very vocal and likes being talked to. She will come when called and will sit when told- though this may take a few times of saying it. She likes to cuddle/sleep next to you on the bed, and will snuggle by the fire in winter. She likes to hunt and play and be outside. She is house trained, micro chipped and knows how to use a catflap. She comes with:
Some food and food bowls
Her next flea treatment
A scratching post
Some toys
A pussydo litter box with litter and scooper
2 beds

I don't have a carry cage for her, so you will need to drop one off for me to put her in.
I want to give her to a loving home to someone who will learn all her quirks/likes/dislikes as I have, and will give her the time and attention she needs. Please call me on 0278464582 if interested.