483 days ago

Hunua Gorge goes down to one lane from Sunday 16 August

Maxine Clayton from Watercare

Just a reminder that a section of Hunua Gorge will be going down to one lane from Sunday 16 August, whilst Watercare constructs a new water pipe and rebuilds Papakura Water Treatment plant.

The section affected is the intersection of Dominion Road/Hūnua Road and Papakura Water Treatment Plant.

Traffic management will be in place. Cyclists are recommended to take an alternative route.

Expect waiting times of around 20 minutes.

The work will allow Watercare to start drawing water from Hays Creek dam, which will add to Auckland's water supply.

A For more info, please click the link: tinyurl.com...

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21 days ago

Anti vaccine

Brian from Papakura

I have a query for those that refuse the current covid vaccine. Are you anti vaccine and refuse any vaccine, or are you against the type of vaccine available in NZ, the mRNA one.
Would you be vaccinated if a non mRNA vaccine was available, as the usual annual flu vaccine is?
Some different types are here. www.healthcareitnews.com...
If you are against the mRNA vaccine only, would you all join together to lobby the government to buy in an alterative vaccine for you all, so enabling teachers, nurses, doctors etc to be vaccinated and stay safe and remain in their occupations.

5 days ago

House cleaning

Renata from Opaheke

Dear neighbours.
My name is Renata - I am after spinal surgery unable to clean the house I usually do it by myself.
My house is clean and tidy in general and I would need it once a week general cleaning (Friday). Small 2 bedrooms house, really easy job.
Unfortunately, I have already tried some cleaners but the job was not good. I would really appreciate someone who takes pride in good cleaning practices and is efficient. It takes me 3 hours to do a deep clean - so I guess I am looking for 3 hours a week.-
I would appreciate it very much to also clean all my windows just once before Christmas.
We live in Opaheke.
Please kindly contact me if you are keen.
Thank you.

5 hours ago

Book week

Sheryl Harris from Red Cross Shop Takanini

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