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Acupuncture clinic- specialising in cosmetic and mental health

Tansy from Stepneyville

✨Hi there, I own an Acupuncture clinic in Stepneyville Nelson and am taking on new clients ✨

At Fountain of Life Acupuncture I offer Cosmetic and Traditional Acupuncture and love helping you regain balance with your mind and body, whatever the imbalance may be.

I am a New Zealand registered Acupuncturist, hold an annual practicing certificate and am an ACC treatment provider.

Head to Fountain of Life Acupuncture NZ or www.fountainoflifeacupuncture.com... for more Information,FAQs and Bookings✨

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Discover care without compromise at Green Gables.


Community is at the heart of everything Oceania does, and sunny Nelson’s Green Gables is no different. Oceania resident, Marie, loves being part of the community, saying “This is the place I’ve been able to make friends.”

Reflecting on when she first moved to her Oceania Care Suite, Marie says, “The Guest Services Manager got to know me in the first week. We had dinner.” Adding with a smile, “The chef here is absolutely marvellous.”

But Marie’s social life isn’t limited to delicious dinner dates, as there’s always something happening. “The Guest Services Manager gets to know the residents and what they want to do. Everyone is different and has different needs. They’ll arrange things for what we want to do.”

When it comes to her spacious Care Suite, Marie couldn’t be happier. “I love my room. I have a little outside patio area. I can boil the jug and make myself a cup of tea. I can entertain friends here. I have miles of photos up, I like having lots of photos around me.”

At Oceania, Marie has found that feeling many of us are searching for, “I wake up every morning and feel good.”

If you would like to learn more about Green Gables’ luxury Care Suites offering Rest Home and Hospital care, please call Jackie on 0800 333 688.
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