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Poll: Where do you think the farmers market should be held?

Skara Bohny Reporter from The Nelson Mail

The chairman of the farmers market says the new location is driving a decline in customers, and has asked the council if it can move back to the CBD. Where do you think it should go?
Are you a market regular? Have you gone to it less frequently since it moved, or noticed the decline? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

Where do you think the farmers market should be held?
  • 18.4% Buxton Square year-round
    18.4% Complete
  • 47.4% Upper Trafalgar Street year-round
    47.4% Complete
  • 12.8% Buxton Square in winter, Trafalgar in summer
    12.8% Complete
  • 5.6% Somewhere else - I'll tell you in the comments
    5.6% Complete
  • 15.8% It should stay where it is
    15.8% Complete
234 votes
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It's hard to believe we're already over half-way through February! 😸❤️

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