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WRRA May Committee Meeting - Wednesday 9 May 6.30pm

Davina Crouch from Whatawhata Residents and Ratepayers Association

Next Committee Meeting is Wednesday 9th May 6.30pm at The Village Cafe, Rothwell Lane, Whatawhata. Everyone is welcome.
If you have anything you would like to add to the agenda please contact the secretary Davina Crouch: dove_nz@hotmail.com with WRRA in subject line or Chair Glenn McLennan: glenn.mclennan@effem.com)

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11 days ago

Recycle Shop - Hamilton Tip

Shemie from Nawton

I for one will miss the Recycle Shop at the Hamilton Tip.
HCC in its "wisdom" has forced the closure by selling the contract. All recyclables will now be thrown/bulldozed into the refuse. (I was told).
What the hell are they thinking?
No longer will this facility be a place to find those bits and pieces for our craft projects, at decent prices.
Admittedly, I have been away from Hamilton so only found out yesterday. I have no idea if there was any consultation or what thought put into this closure.
The business that recycled these re-usable products was not running at a loss (I've been told), very fair pricing, great finds and friendly/helpful staff.
People losing their jobs?
I've also been told Habitat for Humanity will take over the site in the next few months.
I'm all for recycling of anything useful but doubt I'll frequent their store.
Their prices are ridiculous, as are the prices for the junk sold by the Sallies.
Neither stores are on my list to visit any longer.

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Available days


I am looking for a few more clients I have a steady good client base but still have a few more days available if you are looking for a cleaner :) Hamilton,Te Kowhia, NGA please feel free to contact me.