36 days ago

Waikato DHB payroll glitch - Were you affected?

The team Reporter from Hamilton Press

Hi neighbours - an "unusual hiccup" with the Waikato DHB's payroll system affected around 4000 people on Wednesday.

The DHB had to resort to their contingency plan, ensuring people were paid overnight, however people did not receive their pay by midnight on Wednesday.

Were you affected? Have you had previous experiences with payroll glitches? Share below!
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Join Gen Less

Gen Less

They all had their defining moments. Climate change is ours.
Join Gen Less, and live more with less energy. #GenLess
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What's On: Bonsai Show

Les from Leamington

The largest Bonsai Show ever in Hamilton will take place on Saturday and Sunday the 12 and 13 October at Hamilton Gardens Pavilion from 9am until 4pm.
Bonsai Show
  • Hamilton Gardens Pavilion
4 days ago

Our kids can't escape advertising - What should be done?

The team Reporter from Hamilton Press

Our children are being exposed to an average of 46 ads for unhealthy products every day (27 junk food, 12 alcohol, and seven gambling).

These things are the leading causes of cancer, obesity, diabetes, mental illness and many social harms.

Should our Government be doing more to protect our children from this advertising? What should be done?