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10 Reasons to get a Pre-Purchase House Inspection before buying a house.

Total House Inspections Limited

1. It may be a Lending Requirement: If you are new to the property market or have low equity, banks and lending institutes may require you to get a Pre-Purchase Inspection completed before approving a home loan. This is because banks and lending institutes know from experience what can happen if a house has a serious issue or defect and how this can drop the overall value of a house.

2. It could save you Thousands of Dollars: Getting a Pre-Purchase House Inspection can potentially save you thousands of dollars and in some cases hundreds of thousands if you were to buy a leaking home. Buying the wrong house without getting it inspected properly can cause stress, worry and financial hardship to a purchaser.

3. It will give you Confidence and Reassurance: Buying a house is probably one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life. You want to be confident and have some sort of assurance that you are making the right choice. A Building Surveyor can give you this and put your mind to rest, allowing you to concentrate on other things when purchasing a house.

4. May give you a Negotiation Advantage: Knowing what the faults and problems are in a property may give you an advantage when negotiating on a price with the vendor. The owner of the property is likely to know the problems that exist with it, so getting an inspection done will even things out and put you in a stronger position for negotiation. At the very least you will be able to offer a price that you are happy with, knowing the problems and likely costs that are associated with it.

5. They will get dirty and not you: Getting under a house with minimal clearance, cobwebs and building debris isn’t the nicest job nor is crawling around in the roof cavity on a hot day, watching your every step, so you don't end up through the ceiling. Getting a House Inspection company in to do this for you is a much better idea, and if they put a foot through the ceiling, it’s their responsibility to get it repaired and not yours.

6. You can get a Meth Test done at the same time: Most House Inspection Company’s today offer Meth Inspections as part of their service. This means that you don’t need to get in another company to complete this test because it can be done at the same time at the Pre-Purchase House Inspection. This is also likely to save you time and money if getting in a separate company.

7. The cost of a Pre-Purchase House Inspection is not much in the overall context: The cost of a Pre-Purchase House Inspection for an average priced house in New Zealand is less than 0.1% of the total house value. It is also cheaper to get a house inspection done than most house valuations, solicitor’s fees and even a furniture removal company, yet it can potentially save you more money than these other services when things go wrong.

8. You will get professional advice: By getting a Building Surveyor to complete your House Inspection, you are getting professional advice and service from someone that has years of experience and the right qualifications.

9. They are independent: A House Inspection Company are independent and non-biases in their findings, meaning that they don’t have an emotional connection with the house nor are they a friend or family member that don’t want to hurt your feelings. They observe, record and relay any problems back to you, so you can make an informed decision when purchasing a house.

10. Put the responsibility on someone else: By engaging in the services of a House Inspection Company, you pass some of the responsibility onto them in regards to the condition of the house and being aware of any defects. Many house buyers get family members or friends with either no or very little building or inspection knowledge to inspect their house. This puts the responsibility on them and could cause tension if things turn bad.

Why Use Total House Inspections
Total House Inspections is a small family run Local Business that are focused on providing their clients with the best service available which includes answering calls, emails, or voice messages, arriving on time at the inspections and getting your comprehensive written report back to you within 24hrs after the inspection but in most cases on that same day.

We are Level 1 qualified in Thermography (also known as an infrared camera). If we come across any irregularities throughout the inspection or moisture testing, we will use the camera where possibly to assist with identifying problem areas. We are also trained in testing houses for Methamphetamine and only use an approved Laboratory to analyse our samples, so you get the most accurate results.

Total House Inspections complete all Pre-Purchase House Inspections in accordance with the New Zealand Standard 4306 for Residential Property Inspections. This sets out a minimum standard on how House Inspections must be carried out. We go beyond this requirement and provide our clients with further valuable information and details on maintenance required and minor defects that need addressing, giving a better overview of the property.

We also have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances which are essential for a House Inspection Company.

Please contract Damian from Total House Inspections for a free quote on your House Inspection and Meth Test or visit our website for further details, www.totalhouseinspections.co.nz...

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