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1 day ago

Missing Posts

Jeff from Saint Andrews

Neighbourly is looking too boring, where are the Council & Government Posts from the good Neighbourly people? Neighbourly needs to have these posts so we all can voice our peace on them. Please put them back in the system.

3 days ago

What's On: Beerescourt Bowling Club - Cancelled

Carl from Forest Lake

(behind the tennis courts) Club days Tuesday and Saturdays. Visitors and new members welcome. Contact Carl 0274307258
Beerescourt Bowling Club - Cancelled
  • Beerescourt Bowling Club
10 hours ago

Long Term Plan Decisions

Geoff from Rototuna North
63 percent of submitters opposed paid commuter parking on the city fringe, however, Council voted to introduce paid commuter parking in 2024. No details of how much will be charged, and where, that will need to be worked out. It will go to the public for consultation and will ultimately be approved or rejected.
Why consult again?
Can they not accept that 63% are opposed?
Southgate “I would have preferred that we would have been able to respond to the ratepayers’ requests to reduce rates ... however that is democracy. BS
Ignored the requests?
84 percent supported bulldozing the aging Founders theatre – Council voted (10 out of the 12) to give six months of “breathing room” to the Theatre of the Impossible Trust (TOTI), to put together a full proposal and find $10 million to renovate and repurpose the building as a community centre.
The theatre has been closed since 2016.
Has TOTI been sitting on their hands for six years that they need another six months?
Angela O’Leary was not comfortable with the 8.9 percent rates increase “But we have responded through this whole process to what the community has asked for”.
No they didn’t.
What a waste of time, money and effort going through the consultation process. That is democracy, what the community asked for and giving breathing space to TOTI statements are pure prevarication and against the majority. It is not democracy.