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31 minutes ago

Concrete renovations

Te Puao from All Things Concreting

Another customer ready for the summer holidays.
Does your home need an extra lift? Maybe a small patio or BBQ area to host the summer festivities. Feel free to get me around for a free no obligation quote and let's see if we can't get that renovation you've been thinking about underway.
Happy Thursday neighbours

2 days ago

Poll: What are your petrol buying habits?

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Kia ora neighbours,

We're keen to hear from you about where you buy petrol/diesel and why.

In the run up to the long weekend families will be fueling up and heading to their favourite holiday spots, but who's making the most of their dollar at the pump?

If you'd like to talk about your petrol habits for a story, please email or call her on 027-5931691.

What are your petrol buying habits?
  • 34.5% I fill up at the most convenient spot
    34.5% Complete
  • 31.9% I hunt out the cheapest price
    31.9% Complete
  • 32.8% I rely on member discounts
    32.8% Complete
  • 0.8% I stock up and store fuel when the price is right
    0.8% Complete
119 votes
1 day ago

We say, You Say: Roadworks

The Team from

Kia ora Hamilton,

Road improvements are currently underway to upgrade Palmerston Street in the Hamilton CBD.

For the next two months, road rebuilds and safety improvements will be undertaken, with features designed to encourage safe driving and minimise excessive speed. Around 8800 cars pass through the street during peak times with 24 crashes reported in the past five years.

Which roads in your area need work done?

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