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Paul from Pukete

Former border worker who lost her job after not getting jabbed loses High Court challenge 

The judge said section 11 of the bill of rights provided that everyone had the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.

The court’s task in this case was to balance the benefit of the vaccine and the risk of being unvaccinated against any discrimination in relation to those affected, he said. 

I acknowledge everybody's right to choose not to get vaccinated, as long as they acknowledge my right/choice  to choose who enters into my personal space be that home, business, whatever    

As your choice endangers my welfare, my families and my business ,nothing personal, just my choice i respect yours .all i ask is you respect mine
Simple as that really

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NumberWorks'nWords Hamilton Rototuna

An oxymoron has the effect of creating an impression, enhancing a concept, and even entertaining the reader. Can you think of another example of an oxymoron?

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Poll: What attachments are you after this spring?


It’s the end of September and Spring is upon us. What are you busy doing on your farm?

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What attachments are you after this spring?
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