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Spa Pool Cover...

Tracey from Nawton

Hi neighbours,, Just wondering if anybody may have a Spa Pool Cover that may not be of use to them anymore or you just simply might not be needing or wanting anymore & you would like somebody to take it away for free or for cheap...??
Please let me know as we have just been given a wooden portable spa but am needing a few things so we can get this up & running😊
I do also know we need a filter & also i was maybe thinking some artificial grass to go on the deck around it & some sort of shading/wind breaking stuff would be ideal as well as some steps especially for the kiddies & also us adults to help us get in & out of,, Am keen for all ideas please👍🏼😊

Don’t know much about spas but am going to learn everything i need to know about them so any information that any1 can help me with will be an awesome help too😊

Thanking You All...👍🤗...

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4 days ago

SuperSeniors Newsletter August 2020

The Team from Office for Seniors

Hi Neighbours!

Our August SuperSeniors Newsletter is out now, and it's filled with lots of handy information and opportunities for seniors.

This issue includes a story about the benefits of volunteering and how to get involved, as well as an update on the changes to NZ Super and Veteran's Pension.

Even if you aren't over 65 yourself, check it out and share it with the older people in your life.

Click here to read our August newsletter: bit.ly...
Or to subscribe to the newsletter follow this link: bit.ly...

9 days ago

Favourite discoveries on NZ travels

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
We'd be keen to hear about your discoveries on your recent travels around New Zealand. Were there any small towns, activities or attractions that surprised you, for better or for worse? Did you come across any lesser-know spots you think more Kiwis should check out? Which small towns do you think deserve more visitors than they get? Please remember your comment may be included in an article unless you state that you don't want it to be. Cheers.

15 hours ago

Bowel Cancer – You’re never too young

Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer can strike at any age. Each year about 3,000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with the disease and more than 1,200 will die. That’s as many as breast and prostate cancer combined. But it is treatable – and beatable – if detected early enough. Check your symptoms