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Tegel recalls patties due to undeclared allergen

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Tegel has issued a recall for one of its products after gluten was detected in one of their gluten-free products.

In a statement, the Ministry for Primary Industries said that the recall only affected a specific batch of Gluten Free Classic Chicken Burgers and those with a gluten allergy or intolerance should not consume the product.

Here's what you need to know:

- The batch marking on the affected product is 81242, with a AUG 2022 best before date.
- The product is sold across New Zealand at the following supermarkets
Countdown: North and South Island
SuperValue: North Island
FreshChoice: North and South Island
New World: Balclutha
Pak'n Save: Upper North Island
Four Square: Upper North Island

Consumers with any questions are advised to contact Tegel Foods Limited on 0800 24 42 536.

Find more information on this recall by visiting the New Zealand Food Safety Website.

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8 days ago

damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Paul from Pukete

I have sat back and watched everyone rant about yesterday's NZ Government announcement regarding mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for all adults working in the education section, early childhood education sector and healthcare and can't believe the language some are using and the abuse being levelled.
The Government has not taken your rights away to decide if you are vaccinated or not. You still have that CHOICE. What they have done is say if you work in these JOBS (education, early childhood centres, the health sector) you need to be vaccinated as you are working with a group of people in NZ who due to their age are not able to have the vaccination or are vulnerable due to ill health or old age.
They are trying to protect our children and elderly and the vulnerable.

If you don't want to have the vaccinations great that is your CHOICE. You aren't going to jail for it. You have the freedom to make that CHOICE What is affected is your ability to work in your CHOOSEN job. So CHOOSE not to have a vaccination and look for a job in another industry. It is your CHOICE.

We teach our children that CHOICES and ACTIONS have consequences but as soon as something like this happens I have been shocked at the number of adults throwing temper tantrums about “it’s not fair”.

I am not sure why everyone feels the need to abuse the government on Facebook when all they are trying to do is protect the majority of NZ.

Would you rather they sat back open the borders completely, remove all restrictions and watch NZers get sick and you not be able to access medical services for any illness apart from Covid because the hospitals and doctors are overrun.

The Government is damned if they do and damned if they don't.

The opposition are in favour of opening the country up and removing all restrictions. I respect your choice not to get the vaccine, I don't respect your choice to be on Facebook and throw abuse at a group of people trying to do their best in a situation we have not had to face previously.

Rant over

10 hours ago

He has my vote

Paul from Pukete

He has my vote

Equity requires both parties to be equal across all things that is inclusive of the effort required to achieve it

Government spending

So more Government (taxpayers) money injected into helping more Maori get vaccinated? What exactly happens to the billions generated by Maori Enterprises such as Hamilton’s ‘The Base’, Fisheries etc? I would have thought that these profits would have been generated ‘By Maori - For Maori’.

Why then when our country of five million is struggling and borrowing billions every week is it pouring millions of dollars into one sector of our population — who are already receiving the same as everyone else — when, as the Prime Minister has stated repeatedly, ‘We are all in this together?’

What ever happened to the concept put forward by Maori leaders, that We are building these enterprises ‘To help our People’? I’m afraid I can’t see any help forthcoming in housing or health unless that help comes from the Government in the form of more taxpayer money.

It is about time for Maori leaders to step up and be leaders, get real and join the rest of us in the 21st Century and stop blaming ‘colonisation’ for all of their woes.

Most Maori work hard in the same type jobs as the rest of the population, earn the same low wages, have families, buy homes with the same mortgages, go to the same schools, the same hospitals all paid for by the same taxes. Let’s live together under the same rules.

Tom Grason (Ngati Maniapoto), Matamata

1 day ago

In need of under 5 children's books

Robyn from Rototuna North

Hello everyone

Has anyone got bulk under 5 good condition children's books either for free or happy to pay a fair price.

I can pick up contactless

Thank you in advance