56 days ago

Vehicle Contents: Diomede Glade, Flagstaff

Louis & Elrika from Flagstaff

Be alert. There are petty thieves and opportunists going round at night when they should be asleep like the rest of the world.

The 'good for nothings' are obviously going down the roads trying out the car doors. My wife is usually the good one in locking her car door and I not so but last night, we can only assume that perhaps she'd thought she had locked it or simply pressed the wrong button.

They had rummaged thru the glove compartment and obviously found the garage remote which they stupidly thought might've been my vehicle's remote. They pressed the button which alerted our youngest daughter when the door opened. It also made them run for it fortunately leaving behind the remote. Luckily they only got away with some cheap jewelry.

Be alert!! It could've been worse and they could've been pro's and not petty thieves. And OH!!!! Btw......... still waiting for police to pick up their side of the line once we're thru 'State your Emergency.'

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4 days ago

MEET THE VRS TEAM - Veterinary Referral Services❤️

Michelle from Hamilton Small Animal Veterinary Centre

Most of you may know that located within the Hamilton Small Animal Veterinary Centre building is Veterinary Referral Services (VRS), which receives companion pet referral cases from their primary Veterinarians all over the Waikato. These patients require care that is complex, or requires skills and equipment that is beyond the function of their primary vet.

The team comprises of;

🐕Veterinary Surgeon Dr Ian Millward BVSc (Dist.), Cert. SA Surgery, MMedVet SA Surgery (Dist.)Vet

🐈‍⬛Referral Nurse & Administrator Sarah Wilson DVN, RVN

🐩Vet Referral Administrator Linley Herbert CVN

🐈Vet Referral Nurse Leeann Ruddell DVN, RVN

Changes are on the horizon for the Vet Referral team with work beginning on a newly built clinic attached to the rear of our building. Not only will it mean changes for the VRS team but our Hamilton Small Animal Vets Centre will now expand into the space left behind, creating a more dynamic, up to date and spacious work area. We will keep you posted with pictures and updates, watch this space!!

www.hamiltonvets.co.nz... www.vetreferral.co.nz...

8 hours ago

Free jam session at museum next Sat May 22, 2pm

Carolyn from Dinsdale

PAUL TRENWITH, banjo player from HAMILTON COUNTY BLUEGRASS BAND, Is going to be at Waikato Museum next Saturday 2pm . Anyone with guitar, banjo, fiddle etc invited to jam with him - free entry - to mark the current exhibition re the history of the band!!! Should be a great session. COME!!!!

1 day ago

Warm welcome to Competenz!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We're very excited to announce Competenz as our new Neighbourly partner. Competenz is an Industry Training Organisation and helps people develop their skills on the job.

We truly believe in the work they do to help people gain apprenticeships, build their skills and work alongside New Zealand businesses.

Please join us in welcoming Competenz and stay tuned for job listings and other exciting content!
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