121 days ago

Are you prepared for Omicron?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

With experts predicting that numbers are about to rise rapidly we all need to be prepared.

A basic medical kit should include the following:
Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, a thermometer and re-hydration medicines like Hydralyte. Sore throat treatments such salt gargles, honey, or perhaps a local anesthetic lozenge or spray could also be useful.

Also think about having a plan as to how you get basics like bread and milk if you are isolating. Have you talked to neighbours about how you can help each other?

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17 hours ago

Searching for a book by Richard Waugh and Peter Lane

Phyll from Martinborough

Wondering if there’s anyone out there who remembers an enterprising start up airline called SPANZ , ‘South Pacific Airlines of New Zealand ‘. They flew DC3 passenger planes across the country , 1960’s era, with flights especially targeted at overseas tourists , enabling them to explore parts of the country by landing at some of the lesser known
air ports throughout NZ .

I am looking for a second hard back copy this book shown below . Click on camera symbol below to view a copy of the book .

Thank you to anyone who might still have a copy , I would love to have one as my father ( long gone ) was one of the chief pilots for SPANZ .

10 hours ago


Gary from Waikanae

Great Community Market with highly talented stallholders showcasing a huge variety of quality items. Escape the house, peruse the various treasures, and pick up a bargain or a gift.
  • Waikanae Beach Community Hall
16 hours ago

Heavy duty section mowing

Julia Neighbourly Lead from South Wairarapa District

I live on an acre of land in Featherston, half of which is open pasture. I'm looking for someone who could come and cut it all down. there's a fair number of fennel stalks about head-high!