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Good morning everyone
Due to the circumstances of COVID-19 the country is in lockdown.
But as I fall into the category of animal welfare, I am still OPEN. If anyone needs urgent care and are unable to care for their puddy(ies) I am available. I pray that wont happen.
Please everyone Keep Safe and we will get through the next 4 weeks quickly.

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Have Shadowclad as your exterior cladding? Important Information!

Adina Thorn Lawyers

Join the Shadowclad Class Action

Many property owners from around New Zealand have already signed up to the fully-funded Shadowclad Class Action, filed in the Auckland High Court.

The action seeks damages on behalf of owners as a result of the alleged failure of Shadowclad cladding.


If you own a property (house or commercial building) with Shadowclad as the exterior cladding, and the Shadowclad was installed within the last 15 years, register your interest now! There is no cost or obligation to register your interest.

Visit www.adinathorn.co.nz to find out more about the class action and litigation funding.
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Take part in Pots for Tots for Plunket with Resene!


Help us help Plunket support Kiwi kids and their families! Buy any Resene testpot with a colour name starting with P, O or T and Resene will donate $1 to Plunket.

The 10 most common birthdays all appear in the 13-day period from 22 September to 4 October! What better way to celebrate all these new babies than supporting Plunket to support them.

Every qualifying testpot you buy = a $1 donation to Plunket!

Offer applies until 4 October 2020 at Resene owned ColorShops.
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22 hours ago

Looking for Records / Vinyl's LP,45's

Tony from Masterton District

Looking for Records / Vinyl's LP,45's
building up a personal Collection
if you wish to part with or sell
please message
preferably TXT 0278723630
Excess & not suitable Vinyl's I have been donating
to local opshops