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22 hours ago

Have you resorted to cutting your own hair?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

For many New Zealanders, there's never been a better time to give themselves DIY bangs, a drunken bowl cut or partial shave of the head.
But worried stylists across the country are preparing for the hair-pocalypse when salons reopen. Have you resorted to cutting your own hair? How did it go?

14 days ago

Izzy the cat is still missing

Chris from Carterton District

My friend hasn't given up on finding her beloved Izzy who went missing on Belvedere Road. She may be trying to get home to Greytown.
Dark grey and white fluff ball. Usually very affectionate and curious. May be hiding under a house or in a shed, or someone has adopted her not knowing she is a much loved and adored fur-baby.
$500 reward when found.
Any sightings 021 536 501

1 day ago

Prices at supermarket

Simon from Masterton District

Wife went shopping in Pak n Save today and said that the twin pack of Griffins biscuits was nearly $5.00 a packet. Prior to this they were no about 2.99 a packet. Also the bread that they make they were selling 2 for $3.00. now $1.89 a loaf. Also she was told the reason why there is no flour on the shelf is because the mill has run out of 1.5 and 3kg bags to pack in.
Pams was started by dispensing product into bags.
Should be able to buy it like Binn Inn sells it.