29 days ago

Who caught up with Rach at PaperPlus on Tuesday?

Piers Fuller Reporter from News of Wairarapa

Diane Meenken gets book signed by Rachel Hunter at PaperPlus in Masterton on Tuesday for the release of her book Tour of Beauty.
Thanks for the photo Phil Brazier!

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2 days ago

Fireworks Ban

Joanna from Masterton District

Local Government NZ (LGNZ) voted at their AGM this year to petition government to ban the private sale of fireworks in NZ. I called Masterton District Council today and was told they did NOT vote in favour of this ban! How many people did they consult before making that obviously ill-informed decision???
Do they not read Neighbourly and get a sense of the misery and destruction fireworks cause at ALL times of the year??
How dare they decide it's ok to continue with this stupid and outdated activity which causes such harm.
I am trying to find out how we can let govt know that there is a big silent majority who hate backyard fireworks, want private sales banned but dont know how to makes our voices heard.
If we want change, we ALL need to speak up.

3 hours ago


Debbie from Greytown

On this Saturday 16th Nov
St Johns Hall
Main Street (just south of Greytown butchery)
Greytown .
Come and have a browse at a good selection of home made goods. Maybe even pick up a Xmas gift or two!
Everyone welcome, see you there!