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Lindsay from Stratford

Come along and bring some friends for some great country and variety music. Walk up singers, live band and a yummy supper. All welcome. First Tue every month.
  • Ngaere Hall
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2020 gratitude diaries

Janelle Mitchell from Nells Natural Health Clinic

Hello Everyone

We have 2020 gratitude diaries at Nells, normally retailed at $40.00, we have them in store for only $25.00.

It's a diary, a daily planner, a trustworthy companion, a confidante and a tool for transformation and growth. You will learn how to make HEALTHY choices that support and nurture you. Still your mind by learning how to make soul choices, because when you operate from your divine soul anything is possible.

Come in store and grab yours today.

3 days ago

Poll: Is having Americarna and Ben Harper on the same night a good thing?

Blanton Smith Reporter from Taranaki Daily News

Americarna's street cruise and the Ben Harper concert at the Bowl of Brooklands are both happening on Friday night. Is it a good thing or bad thing to have so many people in the city?

Is having Americarna and Ben Harper on the same night a good thing?
  • 48.8% Yes, having two big events is great for the city
    48.8% Complete
  • 51.3% No, they should have been spread out
    51.3% Complete
80 votes
15 hours ago

Why we're putting quality first...

Cooper's Pet Kitchen

Hi neighbours! At Cooper's Pet Kitchen our food is free of cheap fillers like grains, corn, soy & wheat... but what does that really mean?

It means there’s more protein-packed nutrition in every bite. We’re big believers in quality over quantity so while our food may be a little more expensive than some, its nutrient density makes for smaller portions with more readily absorbable nutrients.

Get more bang for your dog’s bite with 50% OFF your first order with code NEIGHBOURLY.

This also means a decrease in what comes out the other end... less 'picking up' what they’re 'putting down' at the dog park if you catch our drift.
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