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Poll: What's your pet hate?

Blanton Smith Reporter from Taranaki Daily News

We're sure there are many more things that grind your gears so leave us a comment if your biggest pet hate isn't on the list. And if you think we're always looking for the negative vote in our positive poll coming later in the week.

What's your pet hate?
  • 27.9% People who leave dog poo
    27.9% Complete
  • 0.9% People who leave chewing gum stuck to tables
    0.9% Complete
  • 18% People who litter
    18% Complete
  • 14.4% People who spit on the footpath
    14.4% Complete
  • 3.6% Drivers who cut cyclists off
    3.6% Complete
  • 11.7% Drivers who don't indicate
    11.7% Complete
  • 8.1% People who let their dogs or cats roam
    8.1% Complete
  • 9.9% Door knockers
    9.9% Complete
  • 2.7% People who don't put their supermarket trolleys away
    2.7% Complete
  • 2.7% Pedestrians who don't use the crossing
    2.7% Complete
111 votes
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6 hours ago


The Team from Neighbourly Property

This wonderful sunny 1930's stucco home has something to offer for the whole family.

With 3 double bedrooms, open plan living, 2 car plus garaging & a great sized section with fruit trees it definitely suits family living.

The property has great features of the era with lovely fire & door surrounds, ceiling roses & a sun porch which is currently utilised as the perfect sewing room.

In the fenced section sits the large garaging, a fantastic fire pit and kids play fort, for those summer evenings enjoying time with friends.

Offers Over $220,000

9 hours ago

Menzshed Hawera

Geoffrey Coubrough from Menzshed Hawera

South Taranaki’s first Mens Shed proposed
A meeting last Saturday afternoon in the Hawera Club attracted thirty members of the public, interested in establishing a Mens Shed in the town.
Welcomed by Geoff Coubrough who, along with Peter Gulliver, has been exploring the possibilities of creating a shed in Hawera. After a period of researching the concept and visiting the Whanganui and New Plymouth sheds they had concluded the time was right to convene a meeting of interested parties to try and get a shed up and running.
Mr Coubrough, then introduced Murray Campbell, a member of the Henley Mens Shed in Masterton, to explain the background of the movement and how Mens Sheds operated. Mr Campbell opened his address by showing a video, filmed in his shed, promoting the benefits such a shed generated to not only its members, but the wider community.
He then went on to explain how, in the mid nineties in rural Australia it was realised that men over the age of 65 were committing suicide at an alarming rate. Research showed that these men, following retirement, became isolated, lonely, depressed and ultimately suicidal. They had a mental health problem. The idea was born that if a building with tools in it was made available, men came, and by working together, created new friendships, passed on and learned new skills and generally enjoyed the camaraderie which improved their health and well being.
Since then the phenomenon has spread worldwide with around 130 sheds operating in New Zealand. Murray described some of the challenges which presented themselves each day, from broken chairs to kindergartens requiring toys and equipment to be made or repaired and requests from individuals and organisations for assistance. Mens sheds are busy places.
The meeting finally elected a steering committee, headed by Geoff Coubrough, to form a Mens shed and seek a suitable building to base it in.

18 hours ago

Silver Special | You BET!

Ozy from Wholesale Direct Importers Taranaki Ltd

Get your hands on this little beauty.

Perfect little family wagon from only $65 p/w.

This 2006 Toyota ISIS 7 seater 2.0 Automatic will be the perfect little run around to get the whole family out and about this summer.

With just 146,000 kms on the clock this 4* fuel economy will keep you and the family going for years to come.

Airbrakes, Airbags & Dual Sliding Doors are just a few of the features here.

Parking Sensors, Power Steering and a Reverse Camera making getting in and out off spaces a breeze.

Jump onto the website and have a look or call Ozy now on 027 844 125 to arrange a test drive.
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