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First home buying stories wanted

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Hi everyone! I'm Kylie, a Homed reporter. We're looking for people who have fairly recent, interesting, unique or off-the-wall stories to tell about how they bought their first homes. Did you move away from your home just to find a more affordable property? Did you scrimp and save for years to get a deposit together? Perhaps your family chipped in to help get you on the ladder? Are you older and buying for the first time? Did you choose to move into a home with a friend or another couple to make it more affordable? Please let us know in the comments below, or drop me a line in the messages. Your comments my be used in a story, but we'd also be interested in chatting to you for an exciting project coming up!

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12 hours ago

Notorious Dunedin street gets extreme makeover to honour killed student

Nicole Reporter from Dunedin News

A street synonymous with student partying was given an extreme tidy-up by those honouring one of their own.

Sophia Crestani, 19, was killed in a stairway pile-up during a party last year.

In July, her Wellington-based parents launched The Sophia Charter, which included agencies working on a range of measures, including cracking down on large parties and reducing rubbish in the area.

Crestani’s family called for a mass cleanup of the student quarter following her death, and that was again repeated on Friday at noon.

Hundreds of students, armed with rubber gloves, brooms, and rubbish bags took to the student quarter.

Crestani's childhood friend Emily Jenner, 20, said the cleanup, which centred around the notorious student hotspot of Castle St, was about '’putting the charter into action''.

1 day ago

New Labour candidate takes new electorate of Taieri

Nicole Reporter from Dunedin News

To win the Taieri seat, Labour's Ingrid Leary and her team attended 134 street corner meetings, knocked on 4150 doors, phoned 11,000 voters and delivered 50,000 brochures.

Leary said she was ready to start work for the electorate, and be part of a strong southern team in Parliament.

Leary relocated from Waiheke Island to Dunedin last year, where she previously went to law school.

She has an impressive CV, including an award-winning career in broadcasting, and a more recent role as the director of the British Council.

Leary said her whole career had been about “creating a space for voices who don't get heard”.

1 day ago

Double celebration for new Labour list MP

Nicole Reporter from Dunedin News

Rachel Brooking​ is celebrating her birthday with a new career.

The Dunedin lawyer, who turned 45 on Sunday, has made it into Parliament as a Labour list MP on the back of the party’s strong election results.

At number 46 on the list, Brooking is now packing her bag and making her way to Wellington, so any birthday celebrations will have to wait.

Brooking said she has had a life-long interest in politics and was one of the people appointed by Cabinet to review the Resource Management Act. She is interested in environment law and hoped to help the Government implement its policies, particularly those surrounding the environment.