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Warehouse Precinct: Eat your way around Dunedin's New York-style foodie district

Nicole Reporter from Dunedin News

Not so long ago, Dunedin’s Warehouse Precinct was a part of town few would bother to venture to.

The area a few blocks south of the Octagon was once the commercial heart of the city, back in the gold rush days when Dunedin was the largest and wealthiest city in New Zealand. But over time, the grand old buildings had been neglected, turned into shabby student flats or car parks.

In recent years, the area has undergone a major revitalisation – and like New York’s Meatpacking District, the Warehouse Precinct has been transformed into a buzzing destination. Walls have been splashed with street art, buildings have been restored to their former glory and new businesses have moved in.

It’s also become a foodie haven, home to everything from boutique bakeries to microbreweries, from burger joints to fine-dining spots. Here’s a guide to eating your way around the Warehouse Precinct.

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7 hours ago

Scrap metal scam

Robert from North Dunedin

Please be wary of a person under the name Ben Larson who has a post on Facebook marketplace asking for scrap metal and the proceeds go to charity. He has been acting very suspicious and a lot of people have said the same. He refused to show he had donated the money and is blocking people. Please be careful!

This has been reported to the police.

15 hours ago

Pioneering a new way to live in retirement

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The Ryman Guide

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