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How to spend our first weekend at Alert Level 4

New Zealand Government

This is a crucial time. You might be tempted to leave the house this weekend to enjoy your free time. But it’s incredibly important that you don’t revert back to ‘normal life’.

Remember why we are all taking these extreme measures. Stay home. Save lives. This breaks the chain and stops the virus spreading.

How to break the chain, and protect us all:

The virus is spread by us. It can’t move by itself. So we all need to avoid moving around as much as possible, eg:
● don't travel to and from baches or second homes
● avoid driving out of your neighbourhood
● don't travel across the country in campervans
● note that DOC has closed all of its campsites and huts.

There are very few exceptions to staying home, but exercise is one of them. Going for a walk, run or bike ride is good for your mental health. Just remember to:
● stay close to home. Enjoy your neighbourhood, but go no further
● keep it solitary, or only with those you live with
● keep a 2 metre distance from others.

● Our emergency services need to be fully available to respond to COVID-19 cases. Any search and rescue operation reduces the ability of first responders to help others.
● Do your bit to help them by only undertaking safe activities, and avoiding going into areas where you could get lost or hurt and require their help. Avoid outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, tramping, or boating, hunting or hiking.

● All bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, cinemas, pools, museums, libraries and playgrounds are closed.
● Avoid places like beaches where people commonly linger, or are unable to maintain a 2 metre distance.
● Don't touch surfaces others may have touched when outdoors, like park benches or playgrounds.

When you return home carefully wash your hands, and any items you took with you outdoors.
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'This is a delay, not a death knell': Dunedin mayor on waterfront project

Nicole Reporter from Dunedin News

An ambitious plan to transform Dunedin's waterfront has been placed on hold, with mayor Aaron Hawkins insisting it is ''a delay, not a death knell''.

Last year Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones gave $19.9 million from the Government's Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) towards the project.

Fast-forward six months and the project has been mothballed by the Dunedin City Council, forcing it to withdraw from the PGF process.