21 days ago

Free children's size 9 winter clothes, good condition

Lauren from South Dunedin

Free good condition winter clothes available (boys sizes 8-9, but would be fine for a girl too)
Clothes available: 4×long sleeve thermal tops, 1xshort sleeve thermal top, 2×long sleeve cotton top, 2x pants, 1x jeans, 1x shorts.
Jackets available: 1x khaki fleece lined coat with good with fluff trim, size 8. 1x black puffer jacket with hood, size 8. 1x navy/black rain jacket, half zip and with hood, lightweight. Contact me if you would like any of these clothes :)


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5 hours ago

Persistence On Purpose is Power 💡

Alister from Dream Big New Zealand

💡 Literally in this case!
An idea with knowing.. you feel compelled to do. We say Back Yourself because look at the people before you with extraordinary persistence.. they added so much VALUE to our world.
🔥 I too felt compelled to pursue something deeply meaningful to me. I was born to do this. That knowing is the fire that keeps you going.
⚡ So here I am with a business that lights me up. I love sharing it far & wide because it's a life-changing solution for those it is meant for. Check out if it's right for you at www.DreamBigNewZealand.co.nz....

2 days ago

cooking apples

Coral from North Dunedin

does anyone have cooking apples that I can buy?

1 day ago

Have you seen this amazing garden?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

They had a vision for their property, but they also had three floods in 20 years. That didn't stop them pursuing the garden of their dreams though.