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Mental Health Awareness Week starts today! ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒฟ

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Together let's explore our way to well-being because when it's strong, our whฤnau, communities and Aotearoa can flourish too.

#NSNZmentalhealth #MHAWNZ

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What type of wasp?

The Team from Wasp Wipeout

Hi everyone, today we are linking to two stories, one which explains the paper wasp which we find in abundance in urban areas, and the other which talks about the common and German wasp which dominates our forests and recreational areas. We'll also talk about how to deal with these nasty predators. If you destroy a nest, take a pic and upload your image with the hastag #waspwipeout! But be careful! For paper wasps click here: bit.ly... For common and German wasps click here: bit.ly...

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'I'll show you': Young Mฤori doctor from Mob family flipped racist slurs as motivation to succeed

Nicole Reporter from Dunedin News

Jordan Tewhaiti-Smith is sometimes asked why he isn't a patched-up member of the Mongrel Mob.

"To be honest I don't think I would fit the facade," the 23-year-old, who is about to graduate as a doctor, said.

Growing-up around the gang โ€“ his father and several uncles were members โ€“ was a "normal" part of his childhood.

Tewhaiti-Smith is graduating as a doctor on Friday and has already secured a job at Christchurch Hospital.

Congratulations Jordan!

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Name a book

NumberWorks'nWords Dunedin

What book sticks in your mind?