34 days ago

Is the region coping with the drought?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Northland is now in drought conditions but the Ministry for Primary Industries will not declare the drought a medium-scale event unless the community cannot cope with the conditions. What do you think, is Northland coping okay? Is there a need to declare a medium-scale drought event?

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20 hours ago

Water delivery crooks

Liz from Rural West Whangarei

I just had really bad customer service with Always Wet Water Deliveries (S.J REID). The driver and the offsider were fantastic, it’s the crooked management with their lack of morals that people should be aware of.
The cost of 20,000 litres was $540. However I decided to only get 10,000 litres as the tank became just over half full with that amount and I am a small water consumer. Well one would think that would reduce the price to $250 or thereabouts...but no, when I rang the company they said the cost of the trailer and the water cartage, diesel etc made up the main costs (even though I’m not far from their depot) and that the water was only worth $50. So I said oh well best give me the 20,000 litres after all then. I even went out and spoke to the driver personally and he said yes they’re returning with the rest of my water order. Next minute they’re driving off down the road with my other 10,000 litres!! Wtf?? So I rang the company back and was told politely to basically suck eggs and that it was out of her (receptionist) hands.
This water was granted through WINZ, and I think it’s utterly disgusting that they are stealing from the government in this manner.
Just because there’s a water shortage doesn’t mean you can act like crooks.
It’s been a very long wait for this water to come and sadly it’s now left a sour taste in my mouth.
My personal advice due to experience is do not deal with Always Wet Water Deliveries.

9 days ago

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Join our new Northland Parenting Group...

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi neighbours! Join our new Northland Parenting Group - a safe place to connect with other parents, grandparents and guardians. Use the Group to organise coffee catch ups and playdates - and to share advice, tips and tricks for growing happy little neighbours. (There’ll even be chances to win great prizes) Join now