53 days ago

What do you think about the new bins?

Reporter Whangarei Leader

From November 4 blue bins for glass recycling will be delivered to every household on the council's kerbside recycling circuit.

When the bins arrive, take them inside and start using them straight away. Fill them up with clean, unbroken jars and bottles and then put them out beside the red bin and on your usual rubbish day. If you notice one sitting outside your neighbour's place - take it around the back for them so it doesn't blow away.
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10 hours ago

Poll: Do you shop around for petrol?

The Team Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Concerns motorists are getting ripped off has caused a review into the transparency of petrol retailers. Petrol prices could be slashed by 18 cents a litre when new laws are passed to increase competition and force retailers to display prices at the pump, Read more here.

Do you shop around for petrol?
  • 45.7% I always shop around
    45.7% Complete
  • 8.6% Only when I'm planning a long trip.
    8.6% Complete
  • 42.9% Nah, I can't be bothered
    42.9% Complete
  • 2.9% Other (comment below)
    2.9% Complete
35 votes
8 hours ago

Do you want slower speeds in your community?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

60% of residents want lower speed limits and just 20% were against them, according to submitters to Far North District Council's speed reviews. Whangarei District Council is going through a similar review. What do you think - should we have lower speeds on our roads?

4 days ago

Poll: Do you support Ports of Auckland moving to Northland?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Ports of Auckland could move to Northport at Marsden Point after a study favoured the $10b move. The move has been welcomed by Northland leaders but condemned by environmentalists. Do you support the move?

Do you support Ports of Auckland moving to Northland?
  • 76.8% Yes - it will be great for Northland's economy
    76.8% Complete
  • 10.7% No - it will be an environmental disaster
    10.7% Complete
  • 8% No - it will be terrible for our roads
    8% Complete
  • 4.5% Other (please explain in comment section below)
    4.5% Complete
112 votes