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Winter Fire Safety in your Home

Mike Shaw from New Zealand Fire Region 1

With winter fast approaching it's time to look at your fireplaces and chimneys

•Clean chimneys and flues before you light the first fire of the season.

•Always use a fireguard or spark-guard when using an open fire.

•Never throw rubbish into the fireplace – particularly batteries and aerosol cans.

•Always empty ashes and ashtrays into a metal bin and pour water over them before disposal. Remember that ashes can take up to 5 days to cool.

•Keep matches, lighters and anything else that can create fire out of reach of children.

Remember: Smoke alarms save lives

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F&B Covid-19 Alert Level system to the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the “traffic light” system)

Branch Secretary from Forest & Bird - Northern Branch

Message from F&B CEO - December 2021

On Friday 3 December, Aotearoa New Zealand moved from the Covid-19 Alert Level system to the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the “traffic light” system). Forest & Bird has reviewed and updated our Covid Risk Assessment, Vaccination Policy and Covid Protocols based on the new framework.

This email provides information about our updated “traffic light” protocols, which set out what Forest & Bird activities are possible at each level, along with guidance to help you implement them.

I really appreciate the hard work you have all been putting into looking after each other, and keeping Forest & Bird strong and effective through this very difficult time. Thank you.

As I write we don't yet know whether our high but uneven vaccination rates will be sufficient to prevent a new surge of infection from Covid-19, but I am clear that we have a moral and legal duty to prevent infections if we can, and that's what these revised settings are designed to do - albeit with some relaxation that I hope will be welcome.

Please start following these new protocols immediately.

Forest & Bird’s protocols differ from the Government’s “traffic light” guidelines

The new Covid-19 Protection Framework reflects the shift in the Government’s Covid-19 response from an elimination strategy to one of managing the virus. The Framework is focused on maintaining economic health as well as public health, while avoiding unsustainable stress on the health sector.

This differs to the approach that must be taken by Forest & Bird under the Health and Safety Act 2015 (HSWA). The HSWA requires us to take “all reasonably practicable steps” to ensure the health and safety of the individuals involved in Forest & Bird activities (including staff, volunteers and contractors) and anybody who could be affected by our activities (such as members of the public).

The Government’s rules under the Covid-19 Protection Framework should therefore be considered the minimum that we have to comply with. To meet Forest & Bird’s obligations under the HSWA, we must also take additional steps (where “reasonably practicable”) to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission and illness as we go about our activities. For this reason, our protocols may in some cases exceed the requirements set by the Government. Besides meeting our legal requirements, Forest & Bird prioritises the health and safety of its workers (including volunteers) as a good employer – and because it’s the right thing to do.

Forest & Bird’s Covid-19 documents:

The Risk Assessment has been revised so that it reflects the risks associated with Forest & Bird’s activities under the RED, ORANGE and GREEN settings of the Covid-19 Protection Framework. Risk scores have been adjusted, and some new hazard categories have been added.

Forest & Bird’s Covid Vaccination Policy remains fundamentally unchanged under the new “traffic light” system: anybody who is taking part in Forest & Bird activities where there is face-to-face interaction with others must be fully vaccinated. The Policy has however been updated to incorporate the new Covid-19 Protection Framework terminology.

If you wish to take part in a Forest & Bird activity and haven’t yet completed your vaccination declaration, please do so here. If you’re a project leader (and therefore need to check the vaccination status of those involved with in-person activities), please register here for access to that information if you haven’t already done so.

If you’re working with a contractor, you can contact Paul on p.barnett@forestandbird.org.nz to check if we’ve received their vaccination status.

Our updated Covid Protocols now relate to the RED, ORANGE and GREEN settings of the Covid-19 Protection Framework and take into account the different risk levels they represent. We have however recognised that there are variable risk levels across the regions that the Government has placed at Red. For this reason, we have created an additional Forest & Bird setting dubbed RED “LOW VAX”. This setting is specifically for regions that the Government has placed at Red due to low vaccination rates rather than transmission of Covid-19 cases and allows more freedom to carry out activities in recognition of the lower level of risk, while still meeting (or exceeding) the Government’s rules for Red under the Framework.

Any regions at Red that have one or more active cases of Covid-19 must operate under Forest & Bird’s RED Protocols. Regions at Red that have no active cases of Covid-19 can operate under our RED “LOW VAX” Protocol setting. However, if a positive case is identified in the region (prior to the Government shifting the region to ORANGE), you must immediately revert to operating under Forest & Bird’s RED Protocols.

Please ensure that you read our new Covid Protocols carefully so that you know which activities are possible and the precautions required at the “traffic light” setting that applies to your region.

We have prepared a Guidance document and various tools (see the Guidance doc for more information) to help you implement Forest & Bird’s Vaccination Policy and our new “traffic light” Covid protocols. If you have questions that we haven’t covered in the Guidance document or you’d like assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our Conservation Health and Safety Advisor (p.barnett@forestandbird.org.nz).

Prior registration highly recommended for events

Given that everyone attending a Forest & Bird event (such as planting days, working bees, public meetings or functions) must be fully vaccinated, we strongly recommend adopting a prior registration process for your events so that you have an opportunity to check this is the case. To assist you to do this, we have created an Event Registration Form that you can easily adapt for your own event where relevant (you don’t need to use it if you already know who’s coming and they’ve previously confirmed they are vaccinated). This form can be emailed to prospective attendees or linked to a website or Facebook page. We suggest that you send each registered person a confirmation email which they can present on arrival to show that they have registered.

A note about Christmas get-togethers

Unfortunately, if your branch or Project is in a RED region, you will not be able to hold a Christmas branch meeting, dinner or party this year. At ORANGE or RED “LOW VAX”, you will only be able to do so with permission from National Office. If you’d like to seek permission, please contact our Conservation Health and Safety Advisor (p.barnett@forestandbird.org.nz), explaining how you will meet the requirements of the Covid Policy and Protocols. Note that access prior registration will be highly recommended for any function of this type.

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The Royal New Zealand Ballet

The Royal New Zealand Ballet

Let the Royal New Zealand Ballet transport you to a fantastical world of dazzling dance, music and enchantment. Choreographed by the late Liam Scarlett at the beginning of his short but blazingly bright international career, A Midsummer Night’s Dream was an overnight sensation at its premiere and is now available to watch online, for a limited time only.

This specially shot online performance will bring this enchanting ballet from theatre to your screens, with live stage footage enhanced by close-ups so you can experience the emotion and dance first-hand. This is ballet like you’ve never seen it before, a full cinematic experience.

Watch online from 3 Dec – 12 Dec 2021. Rnzb.org.nz/msndonline
Watch online

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Kids Conservation Club Membership

Branch Secretary from Forest & Bird - Northern Branch


Membership Options

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$24 Junior Individual Membership option

When you sign up for the first time, you’ll get a Digital Welcome Pack by email with all your important information and links to some recent issues of Wild Things, etc. You’ll then get your first new Wild Things issue in the post on our next printing (Feb, May, August, November).

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When you renew you’ll get a Digital Renewal Pack, plus some goodies in the mail too. You’ll continue to get Wild Things magazines as per the printing schedule. Want your KCCer to get extra goodies? Why not purchase a KCC Gift Pack instead?

$30 Gift Pack Membership options

We have two gift pack options – one for new members and one for renewing members. These can be selected on the ‘Join us’ or ‘Renew’ pages.

Both include the $24 base membership (Wild Things magazine in the post 4 times a year, newsletters and ability to attend KCC events around the country) but also receive a physical gift pack in the post.