151 days ago

Cattery- purpose built, safe, secure.... inspection welcome

Alison Tewnion from Ali Cats Cattery

Standard units (Private individual indoor/outdoor area) from only $15 per day per cat.....

Cats comfort & well being is our main priority

All cats welcome from youthful to ageing

Purpose built cattery, under floor heating, indoor & outdoor units plus Deluxe Units

Inspection very welcomed

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1 day ago

Oven cleaning 40$

Rochelle from Halswell

Hi there I have some free time so if anyone would like there oven cleaned or any other odd jobs please feel free to let me know... Thx

4 days ago

Poll: Christchurch mayoral race

Kamala Hayman Reporter from The Press

If the election was today, which Christchurch mayoral candidate would you vote for?

Christchurch mayoral race
  • 1.7% Blair Anderson
    1.7% Complete
  • 1.1% J T Anderson
    1.1% Complete
  • 33.6% Lianne Dalziel
    33.6% Complete
  • 1.1% Jim Glass
    1.1% Complete
  • 3% Tubby Hansen
    3% Complete
  • 1.4% Robin McCarthy
    1.4% Complete
  • 0.3% Stephen McPaike
    0.3% Complete
  • 14.3% John Minto
    14.3% Complete
  • 40.2% Darryll Park
    40.2% Complete
  • 0.3% Sam Park
    0.3% Complete
  • 0.8% Adrian Schonborn
    0.8% Complete
  • 1.4% Peter Wakeman
    1.4% Complete
  • 0.8% Aaron White
    0.8% Complete
363 votes
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Ali Cats Cattery - where Cats go for a vacation....

Alison Tewnion from Ali Cats Cattery

Ali Cats Cattery - where Cats go for a vacation....
Purpose built, safe, warm (under floor heating) and secure charges start from only $15 per day.