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Five out of five for Acacia Cove

Acacia Cove

Five apartments have just been completed in Acacia Cove. All of which have just achieved a Lifemark® 5-Star Certification. Acacia Cove has a total of 215 villas and now 15 apartments in its village complex in Wattle downs, Auckland.

As a retirement village Acacia Cove wants to provide great quality of life for its residents. Acacia Cove gives its residents a social community feel, with bowling greens, snooker table, craft room and indoor pools, providing great opportunities for residents to mix and mingle. The five newly completed apartments are situated 50 metres away from the Village centre.

Acacia Cove understands that its residents require dwellings where they can live safely and independently. Universal Design provides this. Acacia Cove decided applying Universal Design best accessibility practice was of high importance.

If you’re aged 60 and over, value your independence but want greater security, come and have a look at the superb properties we have to offer.

Contact long time manager Burce Cullington on (09) 268 8522.
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Turn downsizing stress into strength

Ngaio Marsh Retirement Village

Downsizing can open the door to a new stage of your life that is rich in opportunity. However, it can be a daunting prospect. If you are embarking on a new chapter of life, the thought of shedding familiar possessions can feel even more stressful. This can be true even if the life changes are a good thing, such as a move to somewhere you will love to live.

Once you understand why you have this feeling, you can reframe it as creating a new environment that will support your present life while reminding you of your best experiences.

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Kiwirail land rental

Jenny from Redwood

We pay KiwiRail a rental fee for the lease of a strip of land alongside the railway line. We use the land for vegetable gardening. However we have just received a letter doubling the rental fee plus a charge to draw up the new lease. Has anyone else been effected by this? KiwiRail do nothing with the land on the other side of the fence and the grass grows lank.

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Course placement

Adrian-James from Linwood

Hey I'm in Christchurch and I was wondering if anyone knows of any places apart from SPCA that handle cats and/or dogs that are looking for volunteers as I need to do 40hrs with cats and cats before September I also need to handle other small animals before June 23rd to pass module 3 any help greatly appreciated