45 days ago

Ground testing.

Kylie from Avondale

Has anyone else suffered further damage to their house as a result of the ground testing carried out by Tonkin and Taylor in the red zone in Avonside on Tuesday this week? Both my parents and my house now have cracks all through our newly sanded and polished wooden floors, and that's just the damage we've found.
As I threw out the letter advising us of the testing would anyone still have it that I could get a copy from?

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2 days ago

What low lifes!

Tara from Aranui

Who goes and steals from a public children's play ground! 2nd time this has happened at the bexley park! Really pisses me off for some selfish *BEEP* to think their children deserve this stuff over the community and then STEALING it what WRONG message their teaching their kids 🤬

3 days ago

Cross Lease Agreements

Rose from Burwood

Hi I'm in a cross lease agreement and the other flat is rented... have had quite a few problems.. Police was called out to one. It is under a proprty manager and the owner wont allow me to negotiate.. Has anyone taken this to Court ... would be great to get some opinions... ... thank you

9 days ago

Saturday Oven Steam Clean

Gus from St Albans

Hi there - If there is anyone still wanting an oven steam clean - $40 anywhere in Christchurch. Thanks for those who have booked I will be in contact with everyone to finalise day and time - thanks so much