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Poll: Covid-19: Do you scan a QR code or sign a sheet when entering a business?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Happy Tuesday neighbours,

Many people have come forward saying their phone can't scan a QR code and many businesses have gotten rid of sign in sheets, leaving them confused with what they're supposed to do when they enter a business.

Are you one of these people? I'd love to hear from you, please email me at jake.kenny@stuff.co.nz

If you have been to a business that has no QR codes OR sign-in sheet, please also let me know via email or in the comments.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Covid-19: Do you scan a QR code or sign a sheet when entering a business?
  • 71.9% I scan the QR codes
    71.9% Complete
  • 17.3% I write my name on a sign-in sheet (if there is one)
    17.3% Complete
  • 10.8% I do neither
    10.8% Complete
306 votes
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4 days ago

Parking charges in central Christchurch could skyrocket

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Christchurch City Council’s draft 10-year budget outlines an intention to increase on-street parking from July from $3.10 an hour to $4.50 – a 45 per cent increase.

The cost to park at the council’s Lichfield St car park building could also rise from $2.80 an hour to $4 – a 43 per cent increase. The rate at the Art Gallery car park could double from $2 an hour to $4.

In a bid to cut operating costs the council is also proposing to reduce library hours, permanently shut the mobile library and close the Akaroa and Lyttelton service centres, as well as the Riccarton Rd bus lounges.

Read more here and tell us what you think of the council's proposals in the comments below.

1 day ago

Your New Brighton Lead

Raewyn Neighbourly Lead from New Brighton

It's a long time since I shared anything about myself and we have been encouraged to do so which I think is a great idea.

My name is Raewyn Murray and I am the Lead for New Brighton. I have been the Lead since the beginning of Neighbourly - well a few weeks or so after it started. There have been a number of other Leads that have come and gone but I've stayed.

I live in South New Brighton although since the introduction of Southshore many years ago we became New Brighton. I still like to think of myself as South New Brighton.

I'm married to David who is from Dublin (brought home my Irish Souveneir) and we have four beautiful daughters.

Our children are 4th Generation on our property, the first being my grandparents. So we've been on this property a fair while now.

I am a Photographer and own my own company Raewyn Murray Photography. I do all kinds of photography, it's my passion and I give 100% to all my jobs. I have several other jobs - Event Manager, International Homestay (when we had internationals coming), Security at 2 companies and in my spare time I volunteer at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve.

I organised, ran and photographed the New Brighton Spring Music Festivals 2015 and 2016. It was a lot of work as I did both by myself. Raised money for it to go ahead (a big feat for 1 person with no committee), got bands, childrens' events and activities, foodies and all the other added things needed for a festival. They were both great but hindered by either wind or rain but still had a great feel and the bands etc were awesome. 2015 I made a book (still to do the 2016 as been too busy) and it is in the New Brighton Library.

So now I've done it, how about some of you tell us about yourself as well.

Have you all had a good look around Neighbourly. There is so much to read and always great information being put on here.

I like it to advertise for my Photography and keep up with what's happening in the neighbourhood. It's also a great way to keep informed about anything happening good or bad and to keep a look out for those lost kitties etc.

We do have a great community here - thanks for being part of it.
Neighbourly Lead for New Brighton

3 days ago

Who needs a plant doctor?

Mikaela Wilkes Reporter from Homed

UPDATE: Thank you for all your questions. We're picking the best to send off to the houseplant doctor from Kings Plant Barn and the answers will be published in an article on Homed soon.

Are your houseplants looking worse for wear? The experts at Kings Plant Barn would love to help. Send us your houseplant questions and problems to homed@stuff.co.nz, or leave them in the comments, for the houseplant doctor to diagnose. Pictures are encouraged.