49 days ago

Tumara Park Facebook group

Vicki from Parklands - Marshlands

Hi everyone,
I have created a FB group for Tumara Park residence. Please join the group, and join and get this group interacting.

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2 hours ago

Everything’s better at first light with Hummingbird Coffee

Hummingbird Coffee

We’re watching the sunrise from the heart of the city at Moment Café. For barista Emma, dawn means a quiet moment before rush hour with a long black brewed with their very own Hummingbird blend, ‘Moment’.

What’s your first light moment at Moment Cafe - Christchurch City?

Discover what #BetterAtFirstLight means to us at hummingbirdcoffee.com
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1 day ago

Recycling bins confiscated in Christchurch after residents ignore pleas to separate waste

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

A growing number of Christchurch households have lost their right to recycle as the city council takes a hard line on people who refuse to separate their waste.

Twenty-six yellow bins have been confiscated by the Christchurch City Council and another 52 will be removed from city streets over the next two weeks.

The residents have been warned three times but continue to put contaminated waste in their recycling bins.

To get the bins back, they will have to pay $97.65 and sign a statement promising to abide by the rules. Their bins will be monitored to make sure they keep that promise.

9 hours ago


Les from North New Brighton

Hey Stuff what sort of Stuff is this. A very nice Monocular advertised by Genius Ever on your site states 50% of from $139,90 to $69.90 for today only, But hang on it was advertised yesterday at the same price. Go to the web site and the counter starts counting down from 20 minutes to zero telling you you only have this time to make a purchase. go off site and return the counter starts again. This sort of advertising is utter rubbish trying to pressure people into compulsive buying. Very surprised STUFF wood even consider running this sort of rubbish.