30 days ago

Spark calls

Dorothy from Richmond

Is anyone else getting phone calls from Spark threatening to disconnect their landline and internet??
I am so sick of them, I hang up, tell them to stop calling etc. but I have had them twice a day sometimes.
I eventually started questioning them to see how silly they got and once they found out I only have an apple IPad and no laptop or PC they seemed to lose interest and I think they have stopped calling. Fingers crossed.

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1 day ago

WATCH: How Mr & Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara

The Team from Play Stuff

Play Stuff Short Doco: When New Zealand gave two young Chinese refugees citizenship in the 1940’s they found an unlikely way to return the gift – by saving the almighty kumara. Watch now

1 day ago

Oven steam Clean $40

Gus from St Albans

I am available to steam clean your oven, bbq or shower - no sprays or chemical residues great results only $40 - anywhere in christchurch

6 hours ago

Free Buses all this weekend Sept 21 & 22

Ian from Richmond

Christchurch Metro is celebrating world car free day by making travel free this weekend.
All Metro buses are free this weekend Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September 2019, including Christchurch Airport services and the Diamond Harbour Ferry!
So if you are looking for something to do why not take the bus

see: www.metroinfo.co.nz...