28 days ago

Elusion Electrical Spring Countdown

Patrick Koot from Elusion Electrical Ltd

13 days until spring yahoo.

The team at Elusion are looking forward to longer days, warmer weather and more evening to walk the dogs. Spring is also a great time for a bit of home maintenance -checking gutters, roof tiles, and chimneys after all the winter rain and storms, getting the CRC out and getting rid of the squeaking door hinges that have bugged you for ages, checking smoke detectors and of course the great spring clean.

Elusion recommends you also check all electrical cords and appliances for signs of wear, tear or over heating. If in doubt throw it out , or get it professionally tested. You can never be too careful. We recently noticed heat marks up our wall from one of our panel heaters so it is currently unplugged waiting for a time when Patrick isn't too busy on other jobs for an upgrade.

If you are renting remember if you have any concerns you can request your landlord to organise an Electrical Safety Test. Happy countdown everyone

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4 hours ago

Become a Dementia Friend

Alzheimers NZ

Almost every Kiwi whānau is affected by dementia at some point. Maybe a family member or one of your friends or workmates has dementia?

September 21 is World Alzheimers Day – a day we can all take a moment to help people with dementia. Over 17 million people have joined Dementia Friends worldwide. So why not you?

Learn how you can help in simple and small ways. Wear a badge. Take time to listen. Pop over for a cuppa. It only takes 20 minutes online.

Show your support and help people with dementia to live well too. Join Dementia Friends today.
Learn More

11 hours ago

Pink Batt off cuts or surplus wanted for free

Gareth from Burwood

Or earthwool or similar..
Thanks in advance

4 days ago

BUYING MANNERS for Neighbourly BUY SELLS ..my experience

Kay from Papanui

Was selling an item for $20 on neighbourly. A person said great will collect it at 6.30pm. Never turns up and when I phoned at 7.30pm oh I’m home now so won’t be coming!!! Maybe will give it a miss!!! I said why did you not message me.... oh sorry.😈A heavy item moved out ready for pick up very frustrating time wasters. If you say you are buying something....pick it up at the agreed time or contact the seller with different arrangements. Happened several times, I think as no feedback like trade me often buyers just dont care if they muck sellers around.
Same sort of people have this problem of, time means nothing, or your word means nothing,
.Must just be old fashioned... 😎. What’s your experience.
We just withdrew it too much hassle.!!!!!