45 days ago

Lovely dog looking for a new home

Sara from St Albans

This is Lucy ,she is around 12 years old and up until recently was living with my 90 year old father who has now gone into palliative care
As much as I would love to keep her I can’t as I already have 2 dogs who she loves to be with
I’m looking for someone who will love her as much as my dad does and be able to give her some love and attention and car rides and walks and most importantly company
She is the sweetest wee thing ,great with kids cats and other dogs
I would prefer a retired person or someone who is home a lot as that’s what she’s been used to
I also have one condition that I can have access to her until dad passes as it makes him so happy to see her
Please text 0275606441 Sara


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10 hours ago

Missing shaved cat

Rose from Burwood

Info on the missing shaved foster cat that has gone missing... sighted at Chrystal Street Richmond. Please keep an eye out please.. Ginger in colour . Please contain ... my cell phone 0212601589... Thank you... he is timid... microchipped

1 day ago

Kittens 🐱

Kylie from St Albans

Hi all,
I’m looking for anyone who’s cat or knows of someone who’s cat is having/had kittens.
We are desperately looking for a new companion for my mother in law. After losing her last girl after 20yrs together a few years back she is finally ready to love another wee one again 💕 unfortunately we can’t afford the $200 plus it costs to adopt one through the SPCA. We would love to see her with a wee companion again as she is now in her early 70’s and on her own. The kitten would be going to an adoring owner who will care and love them endlessly! If you know anyone please message me.
Thanks for taking the time to read this,it is much appreciated and I’m hopeful that a perfect match is out there 🤞


1 day ago


Tracee from Phillipstown

Can anyone suggest some good cleaners for a 5 bedroom? We are moving soon and would like the place to be cleaned at a reasonable price. Most on google are far to expensive or misleading with their pricing.

Cheers :)