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Bill from Linwood

Did anyone else read this piece today in the Herald today by Chris Lynch?
Imagine a local company undertaking a rebranding exercise during a global pandemic?

That is exactly what Christchurch City Council owned venues company Vbase has announced.

It will be now known as "Venues Ōtautahi".
Chief Executive Caroline Harvie-Teare released a statement saying "Vbase is driven to contribute to the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the region."

"Venues Ōtautahi reflects who we are and what we do, deepening our connection with the community and our cultural heritage."

"This change is also the company brand taking a step back and making these community owned venues the heroes."

It's longer than this, but please go read it on the Herald Page. This CCC and their imported Town Clerk are completely out of their depth.

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4 days ago

We Say/You Say: trans-Tasman bubble

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Northern Outlook

Hi Canterbury!

After more than a year of closed borders, Australians and New Zealanders will soon be able to jet-hop between countries after the government announced that the trans-Tasman travel bubble will be operational from April 19.

With quarantine-free travel now possible, are you more likely to head across the Tasman or travel domestically?

Fronting Australian media yesterday, Jacinda Ardern not only spoke of the excitement of families being able to be reunited, but also pitched New Zealand tourist activities to Australian viewers.

"If there is a hot spot in one of the states of Australia we may just act in the same way that another state would ... Just prepare that there may be disruptions, but what better place in the world to be stuck. Am I right?," she said.

The trans-Tasman bubble will operate on a three tier basis: Continue, Pause and Suspend. If there are a few cases in Australia linked to the border, quarantine-free travel will continue. Travel may be paused for 72 hours if there are rogue community cases and in the instance of a state or nationwide lockdown, travel will be suspended.

Share your thoughts below and don't forget to type NFP if you don't want your comment featured in the Conversations page of the Northern Outlook.

17 days ago

Animal Care

Kristina from Avondale

I am available for Dog walking, animal care, and household chores, qualifications - Animal management level 4. available times 9-5pm weekdays and weekends by arrangement.

27 days ago

Take the Bus?

John from South New Brighton

Having seen the recent article about bus use, I was curious to see whether using the bus would be viable for me to get to work, as opposed to using my car.

Using the metro planner, I found that I would need to take 2 buses. To get to work by 8am, I would need to board the first bus at 5.56am. That's more than 2 hours!

The complete trip by car takes 20 minutes which, ironically, is the amount of time I would need to spend walking to/from bus stops.

So, there you go... That's why I don't use the bus.