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Addictive Eaters Anonymous

The Team from Addictive Eaters Anonymous - Christchurch

Recovery from Bulimia

Do you have a secret life where food is concerned? Have you used compulsive exercise, laxatives or vomiting to try and control your weight? Have you tried every available bulimia treatment out there? Do you find it exhausting trying to maintain a ‘normal’ weight? Find out how our bulimic members have turned their lives around through the Twelve Steps of AEA.

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1 day ago

Get painting with Resene plant-based paints!


Plant-based paints are made just like normal paint but everything in the tin comes from plants and minerals.

Plus they’re Eco Choice approved with low odour and easy water clean-up, so you can paint or stain your place with ease.

Available from Resene ColorShops.
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4 days ago

Course placement

Adrian-James from Linwood

Hey I'm in Christchurch and I was wondering if anyone knows of any places apart from SPCA that handle cats and/or dogs that are looking for volunteers as I need to do 40hrs with cats and cats before September I also need to handle other small animals before June 23rd to pass module 3 any help greatly appreciated

1 day ago

Redzone Dogs

Lena from Richmond

Hi guys,
I’ve started a Facebook group called Redzone Dogs. It’s a great community where we join and organise dog walks in and around the Redzone. It’s a great way to socialise your dog, feel safer when out and about late at night, and meet locals.

Link: www.facebook.com...