258 days ago

Covid and masks

Graeme from Shirley

lets talk covid , are you still wearing a mask when you go out in the community and in malls,supermarkets etc or you thought oh ill give the mask a miss and leave it in the car or in the handbag i see covid is still out and about out there my concern i dont want elderly i know and other elderly out there in the community to catch it as it can effect and take a real toll on there health myself i have a low immune system and i do my part still wear my mask into pharmacy's malls supermarket etc and other people out there in the community it can also take a real toll on there health if they have asthma or a low immune or health condition if you going be around elderly or people with health conditions if you can and if it possible please wear a mask i wont mention names but i personally know someone and in future ill be doing my part wearing a face mask! i will be praying this gentleman has a fast recovery thanks and have a great day

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2 days ago

Poll: Could we live without public bins?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Many public rubbish bins are being removed by councils due to the large costs of regularly emptying them. Do you think we can adapt and live without them?

Type 'Not For Print' if you wish your comments to be excluded from the We Say You Say column of your local paper.

Could we live without public bins?
  • 12% Yes
    12% Complete
  • 87.3% No
    87.3% Complete
  • 0.7% Other - I'll share below
    0.7% Complete
1928 votes
5 hours ago

The JP service is still at the old Hornby Community Centre building

The Team from Citizens Advice Christchurch Area

Even though the Hornby Library is moving, the JP service is still being held at the old Community Centre building
- Monday & Thursday from 9:30-12:30
- 8 Goulding Avenue – 03 349 5236

Citizens Advice Bureau and all the other community groups are also still based there as well.

9 days ago

Are you a first home buyer?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Are you a first home buyer? Is your mortgage going up and up with rising interest rates and you’re now struggling to make ends meet? Have you lost the ability to save any extra cash?

We’re reaching out from the Tova show, the flagship weekly politics podcast on Stuff, as we prepare a special episode on the interest rate crunch and how it’s affecting Kiwis - we’d love to hear your stories.

Please comment below if you would like to share your story, or email tova@stuff.co.nz. We give you our commitment to treat your experience with sensitivity and care.