23 days ago

After school tutoring business for sale Christchurch

Judith from Avondale

Are you a trained teacher looking to get out of the classroom? Are you a caring person who wants to make a difference to children who need a helping hand or extension with school work? We have been tutoring for 20 years and have enjoyed a great lifestyle, income and satisfaction but it's time to hand over to someone else. Easy to run by one or two people. You could continue teaching if you wanted to. Very good resources with no online costs or franchise fees. All face-to-face small groups. Full support given while getting started. Lease available in our privately owned building.
Ring now it will go very quickly. Phone 0274 828 487


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4 hours ago

Lawnmower repair

Tammy from Aranui

Hello is there anyone one out there that maybe tinkers with lawnmowers in their spare time. Mine won't start. It sounds like it wants to but just won't. Happy to pay to have it looked at, but cannot afford to take it to a shop and pay their prices at the moment. If my lawns get much longer I will be on here looking for some grazing cattle next. Thank you.

4 hours ago

Here's a cool idea for communicating with your neighbours without technology or breaching alert level rules...

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Each household gets 3 pieces of coloured paper that can be displayed in a window or on a door that others can easily see.

- Green is for I'm OK

- Yellow is for needing help or a check-in

- Red is for an emergency

This is a safe and simple way let others know how you're doing while also looking out for others in your community.

1 day ago

New Zealanders are locking down their cats, for good

The Team Reporter from The Press

New Zealand is a nation of cat lovers, and increasingly – at least anecdotally – we’re keeping them inside.

Owners say welfare and conservation concerns are the main drivers; experts are cautious not to say too much, and cats are silent on the issue thus far.

What's worse — keeping a cat indoors 24/7, or letting it roam free where it will hunt birds, and possibly be injured?

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