99 days ago

Our bengal cat was killed by a dog (Hills Road)

Carolynne from Parklands - Marshlands

Our beautiful bengal cat Kevin was Killed by a dog on Sunday 22/8/21, someone had placed him on the side of the road on Monday morning between 6 and 7 am, as we had been searching, so we would think he was hit by a car. We had our vet do a post mortem that morning and he had multiple bites and massive crush injuries to his chest which punctured his lungs. We live at 800 hills road (prestons road end). Kevin was mostly an inside cat, he never ventured far and our home is down a long long drive, he was raised with big dogs and sadly was the kindest gentle cat who loved everyone and didn’t deserve this. It would have to be a big dog as Kevin was a big boy and weighed almost 8kgs. This post is just for information incase your cat goes missing in the area.

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18 hours ago

Can you help with any old gaming consoles/games

Jordan from Aranui

Hi everyone and happy Christmas. I'm a new member to Neighbourly and I was really hoping that someone might have an old gaming consoles/games (xbox,playstation,sega,nintendo...) that they might no longer want or may need small repairs that i could fix up for over the break time for me and my kids to much around with or just have a game. Thanks for taking the time to read.

1 day ago

Nearly 120 years later, TG Macarthy continues to help those in need

Public Trust

Since its inception in 1912, and with the support of our Charities team TG Macarthy Trust continues to help New Zealand communities by awarding grants to not-for-profit organisations. Read about what the trust is getting up to, almost 120 years after it was established.