34 days ago

Seven suspicious fires within a month at Bottle Lake Forest

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Firefighters are preparing for the possibility of a massive wildfire after seven fires were deliberately lit at a Christchurch forest in less than a month.

The fires have left some nearby residents concerned their properties may come under threat if a large blaze does take hold in Bottle Lake Forest.

The latest fire happened near Landfill Ave, Parklands, about 5.15pm on Monday.

Senior fire risk management officer Bruce Irvine said it was not yet known whether one person or a group were responsible for lighting the fires.

The fires had all been dealt with easily so far, but there was a real risk a blaze could become out of control and spread over kilometres as the fire risk increased heading into summer.

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Master builders creating stunning homes & gardens

Williams Elvidge

We provide innovative solutions for outdoor spaces across Christchurch.

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Our team is focused on developing a design plan that incorporates all the features you want while staying within your budget. We work with leading landscape designers across Christchurch to create hard landscaping that sits perfectly within the planting and other areas of your section.
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8 days ago

Favourite foodie finds

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
We'd be keen to hear about your favourite foodie finds on your travels through NZ. Have you come across a particularly amazing cafe, bakery restaurant or food truck? Had an especially delicious pie, burger, sandwich, smoothie bowl or cronut? Been to what must be one of the country's best fish and chip joints? Or been pleasantly surprised by a town's food scene? Please share the details below and include 'NFP' (not for publication) in your comment if you don't want it included in an article. Cheers.