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Tracking for COVID

Don from Parklands - Marshlands

edited post:

I thank those who have thanked my post re having a card with the necessary details ready to produce when needed.
If only the public queing up in Auckland, had a list of the necessary information on a prepared list it would help speed up the process. (They may have already been handed a form earlier on but I have not seen mention of that).

I was thanked by several yesterday by those who have to take the details of people entering premises such as libraries when instead of answering the details they could just enter them on the keyboard screen she had.
With my hearing difficulty I have found it is much easier to just present my card with the relevant details for whoever is taking down the details, People with 'obscure' spelt names, foreign accents, can do likewise and make the transfer of details so much easier and with: Name, phone, address, all entered neatly and less time transferring bugs. My friend g g suggested all on neighbourly might appreciate this, I did one for him by pasting the letters from his animal soup onto a small card so he didn't feel so excluded. Cheers all and try to humour up, rather than putting down.

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2 days ago

Council proposes fast-tracking plan to prevent flooding in Christchurch's east

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hey East Christchurch,

A $12 million plan to prevent flooding in Christchurch’s east could be fast tracked, just weeks after a councillor dug an unlawful trench in the same spot.

The Christchurch City Council will decide next week whether to bring forward work budgeted for 2024-25 to build a new stormwater treatment basin, a new stopbank and a tidal wetland in the triangle of land between Pages Rd, Anzac Drive and the Ōtākaro Avon River.

If approved, detailed design work will start this year and tenders will go out in 2021.

The work will reduce the risk of flooding in homes in Aranui and Bexley and improve the quality of the stormwater flowing into the river. It will also help manage local drainage issues, the council said.

What do you think about this proposal? Let us know below.

3 days ago

Pruning apple trees.

Anne from Linwood

Hi all! I have 2 espaliered apple trees that badly need pruning. They aren't that tall, but I don't know how to do it. Is there anyone available that knows how to do it who could help please? I am able to pay a certain amount. Thanks.