53 days ago

Volunteers needed for our Hornby branch

The Team from Citizens Advice Christchurch Area

If you are looking for a new challenge, to meet new interesting people and help out your community than we may be the place for you.
We need volunteers for our West Branch - our volunteers help the community by listening , giving advice and connecting people with other services and organisations . If you would like to know more than email manager.cabchch@gmail.com.

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18 hours ago

Recycling bins confiscated in Christchurch after residents ignore pleas to separate waste

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

A growing number of Christchurch households have lost their right to recycle as the city council takes a hard line on people who refuse to separate their waste.

Twenty-six yellow bins have been confiscated by the Christchurch City Council and another 52 will be removed from city streets over the next two weeks.

The residents have been warned three times but continue to put contaminated waste in their recycling bins.

To get the bins back, they will have to pay $97.65 and sign a statement promising to abide by the rules. Their bins will be monitored to make sure they keep that promise.

5 days ago

New LED streetlights outside Christchurch home 'obscenely bright and intrusive'

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hey neighbours,

Every night Gary Bridgman’s Christchurch home is lit up like a sports stadium.

The Fendalton resident blames new LED streetlights installed on the street outside, and says complaints to the city council about an “unbelievable” glare coming through his windows have gone unresolved for weeks.

The two lights either side of the house produce a whiter light than their predecessors, Bridgman says, causing the house to be “lit up like it’s floodlit” at night. He has seen other LED streetlights in his area that are “very good”.

Council says the complaints are being investigated and the contractor has been asked to provide a solution.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you had a similar experience? Let us know below.

5 days ago

Flooding work approved after councillor digs unauthorised trench

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

The Christchurch City Council has voted to prioritise works in the east to address flooding that's been happening for the last 10 years.

Pages Rd, which is a main road to New Brighton, often floods when it rains, causing problems for pedestrians and motorists.

Councillor for the area Phil Mauger got so fed up with the situation that he went in with a digger last month and dug a trench – it fixed the flooding overnight.

The council blocked the trench as it was deemed a safety hazard.

It wasn't going to fund the works to fix the problem for another four years – but voted to bring it forward to start next year at a council meeting yesterday.

The $12 million project includes a new stormwater treatment facility, stopbanks near the Avon River and a tidal wetland.