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What do you think of Christchurch's stadium plan?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Christchurch's roofed 25,000-seat stadium could be ready within five years but the pressure is now on to get it planned and built right.

The city council's long-awaited investment case says a 25,000 seat mostly clear-roofed facility is the best fit for the city, and could be built within the budgeted $473 million, including running costs. Temporary seating was not included but could be added later.

The chosen option would cost $472.7m to build and $485.3m to run over 25 years, of which $343m would be funded by stadium income, with an annual $4.2m council top-up.

Read more about the plan here.

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Christchurch is New Zealand's second city, deal with it

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

There's an enduring belief that Wellington is our second-largest city. We must dispel that myth, reporter Charlie Mitchell says.
Do you think Christchurch should officially be named as New Zealand's second city or should Wellington retain its title?

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2020 BMXNZ National Championships on the 11th and 12th April 2020

Jane from Parklands - Marshlands

Did you know your local BMX track is just off Pages Road in Bexley, Christchurch ? This track was rebuilt after the earthquakes. Even more improvements are being made to the track to accommodate the BMXNZ National Championships on the 11th and 12th April 2020.

You'll see an increase in the number of people to the area as we anticipate at least 800 riders will take part in this two day event (plus some training prior). You are welcome to come and view the racing - keep up to date with times etc on: www.facebook.com...

NACBMX are looking for businesses to sponsor each racing class, for example ‘20” 14 year old boys’. We are looking for sponsors for every age group at a cost of $300 plus GST per class. Sponsorship includes:
-Your business name promoted in our social media campaign leading up to the event.
-Your business name in the programme book that goes out to every rider and whanau.
-Commentators will state your business name before every race that you have sponsored.
-The Nationals are being live streamed world-wide and your business name will be on the live commentary. The live stream will then be made available on You Tube to be viewed post the event.
-Your business name printed on the trophies.
-Sponsors of multiple class races are invited to display their business flags around the track.

NACBMX will also be hosting the Canterbury Champs 26th January, the Mainland Norths 29th February & 1st March and the Pre Nationals on the 5th of April 2020. Riders and their whanau travel from all over New Zealand to attend these events and this is another fantastic opportunity to promote your business by sponsoring a class or donating prizes for our raffle. Riders and whanau will explore our city over the time that they are here and will be spending money in local businesses.

Would you like to donate a prize for the raffle and have your business featured in our programme ?

Another option which may interest you is placement of products or discounts for products/services in the registration pack each rider receives. An example of some products received in the South Island Racing which took place in Alexandra at the beginning of the year were; a sweat towel which featured sponsors details, pens, voucher for a $5 kids meal and $5 off any meal (our family of 6 took advantage of this offer and so spent over $100 at the venue), protein powder, etc. At this stage we anticipate at least 800 riders taking part in this event. If you’d like to take advantage of promoting your business on a product or providing at least 800 vouchers then this option would be best for you. Most BMX riders come with their families so for example, a free slice of cake or coffee at a venue would attract a family.

If you are interesting in sponsorship or donating, please message with your contact details and I'll be in touch.

Ngā mihi,
Jane Houghton on behalf of
North Avon BMX 2020 Nationals Committee.