42 days ago

Earthquake donations earmarked for Christchurch cenotaph removal

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

The controversial relocation of Christchurch's Citizens' War Memorial has received financial backing for a proposed move to Cranmer Square.

The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust (CEAT), set up to administer post-earthquake donations, has confirmed it will "support" the removal of the 82-year-old cenotaph, which has stood alongside Christ Church Cathedral since 1937, if resource consent is approved.

Moving the 300-tonne cenotaph is estimated to cost up to $1.5 million, but CEAT secretary Neil Cooper would not say how much the trust would cover "as we've not made this figure public yet".

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4 days ago

Spark calls

Dorothy from Richmond

Is anyone else getting phone calls from Spark threatening to disconnect their landline and internet??
I am so sick of them, I hang up, tell them to stop calling etc. but I have had them twice a day sometimes.
I eventually started questioning them to see how silly they got and once they found out I only have an apple IPad and no laptop or PC they seemed to lose interest and I think they have stopped calling. Fingers crossed.

9 hours ago

Cheap Trailer Hire

Graeme from Shirley

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2 days ago

Suspicious activity.

Del from Parklands - Marshlands

2 guys acting very suspiciously looking up people's driveways with a torch 10pm Thursday 22nd Aug in cul de sacs opposite One Good Horse Mairehau Road.