578 days ago

Seedlings for sale

Donna Lusby from Linwood Community Gardens

We have a number of tomato seedlings left over from our plant sale at the weekend - a good variety of red, orange and purple toms, orange mini tomatoes too - yum! $1 per plant - off our trolley or come in and see what we have! 9-12pm Mon-Friday, 332 Linwood Ave, Linwood

Price: $1

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15 hours ago


Les from North New Brighton

THE POOLS ARE OPEN Yes and that's great. They look great Long live the pools To all who dip in them have a great time and tell everyone how much you enjoyed them. Fully booked till at least Tuesday I believe. Well done .

6 hours ago

reply options cancelled

Les from North New Brighton

Neighbourly Leads can you please tell me why the reply options on all comments to the article "Will you be visiting New Brighton,s new hot pools " have been cancelled.

6 hours ago

Just what you need, right nearby

Four Square

Hot chicken and fresh salad 4 the easy dinner? Apples and a loaf of bread 4 the lunchbox panic? Bacon and eggs 4 breakfast in bed?

Whether it’s easy munches, school lunches or Sunday brunches, your Four Square has everything you need to keep life nice, easy and local.

Four Square. Just what you need, right nearby.
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